The Ultimate Guide To The Fundamentals Of Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To The Fundamentals of Marketing

Have you ever thought about how much impact digital marketing has on your daily decision-making?

From buying fancy clothes to booking luxury hotels, almost every decision we make is having some sort of influence from digital marketing.

The scope of digital marketing is growing at an annual rate of 25–30% in India.

Before we dive deep into digital marketing, we first need to understand the fundamentals of marketing which is the root of digital marketing.

This article gives you the ultimate guide to the fundamentals of marketing and digital marketing.

Here we will cover the following topics -

  1. The Law of Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  3. Power of Integrated Digital Marketing
  4. Importance of Communication skills in Digital Marketing
  5. How to select a profitable niche
  6. CATT Marketing Funnel
  7. Personal Branding

This article is useful for all digital marketing aspirants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Let’s Begin

The Law of Marketing

You would ask me — That’s all?

Yes, but partially. To succeed, first, you must have some great product. When this great product is aligned with the above-mentioned principle, it becomes a great combination.

To understand this principle, let’s take an example-

A month back, I was thinking about doing an internship in digital marketing. So, I researched a bit about it and came across the Digital Deepak internship program. At first, it seemed to be too costly for me, so I left the website. But, before leaving the website, I just subscribed to his website.

Within a few minutes, I received an email that was highly targeted to my current problem and, I could very well connect with the content in the mail.

The next day, I received another email, which provided the solution to my current problem and, it just convinced me to enroll in the Digital Deepak Internship Program. This internship provides you with very high-level content.

Now, let’s connect this example with the fundamental of marketing.

Great Product/ Service — The highly-rich content available from the internship.

Right Message — Targeting my problem and providing the best solution.

Right People — Targeted the right people like me through email and display marketing.

Right Time — Targeting people when they are interested in doing a digital marketing internship.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself — Peter Drucker

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

The major difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is the medium through which an audience receives the advertiser’s message.

Traditional marketing involves advertising through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Traditional marketing is beneficial when you want to create awareness about the product/ service on a large scale.

Pros of Traditional Marketing

  1. Highly Impactful
  2. More Memorable
  3. Reach Local Audience Easily

Cons of Traditional Marketing

  1. Less Engaging
  2. More Expensive
  3. Hard to Measure ROI
Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing
Image Source: 99Designs

Digital Marketing involves advertising through websites, search engines, social media, youtube, etc.

Digital Marketing is beneficial as you can keep track on the reach of your advertisement and understand consumer behavior.

Pros of Digital Marketing

  1. Highly Engaging and Personalized Ads
  2. Easy To Measure ROI
  3. Specific Targeting is possible

Cons of Digital Marketing

  1. Sometimes the ads become annoying
  2. The paid media platforms are constantly evolving
  3. High Competition
Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing
Image Source: 99Designs

Both Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing have their own importance.

Power of Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing blends all the forms of digital marketing to create the best marketing strategy.

It includes

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Influencer Marketing
  7. Video Marketing
Integrated Digital Marketing
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It is not possible to reach your potential customers through one digital marketing medium. Some of your target audience might prefer organic results over the paid advertising, while some might prefer video marketing. It is important to craft a proper combination of all the channels of digital marketing.

Importance of Communication Skill in Digital Marketing

If your message cannot convince your audience to start believing in your words, then it seems that you are lacking in proper communication skills.

Communication is the bridge between your product or service and your potential customer.

Let’s see how you can develop your communication skills:-

  1. Build the habit of writing daily.
  2. Start with writing about 300 words a day, and increase the word limit gradually over a while.
  3. To improve your English, you can start watching English shows, movies.
  4. You can start to think in English and have self-talk in English too.

With better communication skills, you would be able to write great content and thereby convince your audience to take specific action on your words.

How to Select The Most Profitable Niche

I know how excited you are about this topic, even I am excited too for revealing the most profitable niche.

But, wait, what if I tell you that you already have the most profitable niche.

Yes, you have it. It’s just that you are unaware of it.

Your niche depends on your passion, your talent, and the market.

How to find profitable niche

Your niche is the combination of the above three parts.

Let’s understand how it works.

  1. You have passion in some specific field.
  2. You either have talent in that field, or you can develop it through continuous learning.
  3. There is a market that would be ready to pay you for your talent and passion.

That’s how you will find your niche.

You won’t be able to find your niche overnight. It will take time. You have to explore to understand yourself better.

CATT Marketing Funnel & Framework

It is important to understand how we can create a marketing funnel for our product/service.

CATT Marketing Funnel introduced by Digital Deepak will be of great help in this regard.

Let’s understand how it works

Wealth = [n] * CATT

[n] Niche — Your success and wealth depend upon your niche selection.

[C] Content — Content is the core of attracting your dream audience. You can publish it in various mediums such as blogs, videos, etc.

[A] Attention — Once you have published the content, you need to drive traffic to it through SEO, paid marketing, social media marketing.

[T] Trust — Buiding trust through personalized advertisement and marketing automation.

[T] Transaction — Only building an audience list and providing content is not enough, you must have the ability to convert that dream audience into your lifetime customers.

CATT Framework

This process will take a lot of time, but believe me, this is working for me, and this would work for anyone who implements it with complete dedication.

Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

Your personal brand is one of the most valuable assets you can have. It would take time to build a personal brand, but it would be worth it.

Your personal brand will help you in achieving anything in your life. It will help you sell your product/service, influence others, start your own business, etc.

There is a process to build a personal brand, and you can understand it through MassTrust Blueprint, developed by Digital Deepak.

MassTrust Blueprint
  1. Learn — Develop a new skill through concepts, facts & procedures. This skill should be in alignment with your passion.
  2. Work — Once you learn any new skill, have some experience through job/freelancing/own project. It will help you in becoming an expert in a particular field.
  3. Blog — Write what you have learned & experienced through your work. Then, bring traffic to your work through various digital marketing channels. In this way, you will start building your dream audience.
  4. Consult — You can start consulting other businesses, which requires guidance from a knowledgeable person like you.
  5. Mentor — Start mentoring other people who want to become like you. Start spreading your knowledge and experience for the benefit of other people and also for yourself.
  6. Startup — Build a team of like-minded people, and begin your startup journey.

I hope you learn a lot from this article about yourself. But, simply reading a great article is not the end, you must act on it. If you want to have some practical exposure in digital marketing, you can apply for Digital Deepak Internship Program today itself. Don’t wait for the perfect moment.